Body & mind treatments


Body & Mind Treatments

We believe that thoughts and vibrations influence the movement of the MANA giving you the key for healing and reshaping reality. In the Here and Now, self-healing can happen. We prepare your body to balance with your mind, in order to reach inner peace.

80 minutes


This full body massage is a subtle mix between Tahitian Taurumi and Hawaiian tradition. KAHI starts with a silent prayer and application of MONOÏ through which the practitioner will spread your intention. Balancing the energy channels called “ua ua” in Tahitian, following the body fluids flow and fascia, KAHI massage is adapted to your need with very enveloping waves along the body.

80 minutes


Connect and free space into your body experience a massage mixes body stretches and pressure points. This holistic treatment on tatami takes he’s roots in the Asian tradition, it combines fluid stretching, rocking, and deep pressures for global well-being. A sacred dance allowing the energy to flow in and out.

120 minutes

Full well-being program starting with a body scrub to purify the skin followed by a customized massage releasing deep muscles tensions and a moisturizing facial. A combination of cares allowing a deep state of relaxation with Vibrant and natural ingredients from all over the island.