Well-being experiences
in French Polynesia

Raiatea island

Aroha Experience

We are dedicated to share, perpetuate and research knowledge around Polynesian art of living. Focus on traditional practices of healing: bodywork, herbal medicine, and spirituality.

Aroha Experience, well-being experiences in French Polynesia


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Children of the Fenua, we are holders of the cultural values inherited from our ancient folks.

Inspired by our travels we developed an understanding of the discerning visitor’s expectations.

We are specialized in authentic experience leaving the mesmerized guests aroused by the extraordinary treasures of our people, The Maohi.

We offer a grounding into the invisible and immaterial world of the Polynesians set in the unique frame offered by the sacred island of Raiatea.

We share our practices in order to continue the legacy of our ancestors.

Our excursions are supporting local communities and promoting the frail balance between modern and traditional, human and nature, past and future.

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

Lao Tze

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