Hiva Hiva Tau

RAIATEA island

Spirituality and connexion day

A full day of immersion in nature at Tepuhapa – Tevaitoa Ra’iatea :

  • Discovery walk of archaeological remains (45mins return)
  • River bath and natural scrub making
  • Circle of Contemplation and connexion to PAHU’s sound
  • Confection of LEI (crown of AUTI)
  • Story of Pari Pari Fenua at Marae Tainuu (Oratory Art paying homage to the place)
  • Offering ceremony at sunset at Marae Tainuu

Included in this experience :


In the heart of the TEPUHAPA valley in Ra’iatea, the journey begins with a 4×4 arrival at NIU SHACK, then continues with a fascinating walk through the archaeological remains, where each stone tells an ancient story, arousing the curiosity of modern explorers .

Halfway through this exploration, a call of nature is felt. A crystal clear river invites you to an invigorating bath, followed by making a natural scrub, the art of taking care of yourself, and above all, taking your time. This is the value passed down through generations. Visitors immerse themselves in a sensory experience, reconnecting with Mother Earth.

After this immersion, a carefully set table awaits them for a vegan lunch, a symphony of local flavors. Each bite is a celebration of Ra’iatea’s produce, evoking the delights of authentic Polynesian cuisine.

The experience continues in a circle of contemplation, where participants let themselves be carried away by the fundamental sounds of PAHU, immersing themselves in a harmonic meditation in the heart of nature. Then, the delicate art of LEI making is revealed, allowing everyone to create their own AUTI wreath, a souvenir imbued with the soul of the valley. Offerings to the Polynesian Gods.

The day is approaching its twilight, and it is at the seaside Marae Tainuu that the story takes a new turn. The captivating tale of Pari Pari Fenua rises, blending past and present in a ballet of emotions.

The day culminates in a sunset offering ceremony, a sacred moment honoring life. A time of spiritual connection with the forces of nature and the ancestors.

And so, each element of this Ra’iatea tourism program becomes a page in the book of an unforgettable adventure, where nature, culture and spirituality merge to create memories etched in the heart of every traveler.

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