Niu Escape

RAIATEA island

Half day by the river​

Half day of well-being immersed in nature in Tepuhapa – Tevaitoa Ra’iatea :
  • Visit of NIU SHACK garden and vegetable garden
  • Access to the river bassin and swimming
  • A 50 minutes massage per person

Included in this experience :


In the green Tepuhapa Valley of Ra’iatea, at 1:30 p.m. where the sun is at its peak, the shadows of branches and leaves draw patterns on the path that leads to Niu Shack.

The getaway begins under the caring attention of a guide rooted in this place. A secret place, a private valley, Tepuhapa, Tevaitoa, opens its green arms to us and envelops us in an enchanting aura.

First step, the discovery of the refuge for a day, the Niu Shack garden and vegetable patch, a setting where nature flourishes in a floral choreography. Between the exotic scents and botanical secrets, we marvel at the richness of this prodigal land. The pool scene for a moment of relaxation, the Fare massage or the appointment will be given to you during the afternoon.

The river whispers an art of being in tune with the fluidity of life, an invitation to dive and let yourself go in its crystal clear waters. There, swimming in communion with yourself, between sky and river, where time stands still, carried away by the murmurs of nature.

When the sound of the PU (Conch) resonates, it is time to go to the Fare Massage, in the expert hands of our Polynesian guide-therapist. Fifty minutes of gentleness, a melody of precise gestures, inspired by age-old traditions, which soothes the soul.

In this living painting, a plate of exotic fruits, a vibrant tribute to nature, offers itself to our taste buds like ephemeral poetry. Juicy pineapples, sweet mangoes, sun-kissed papayas, all harvested by hand, combine in an explosion of freshness and sweetness.

At 5 p.m. the 4×4 takes us back to our cozy nest, leaving behind us the highlights of this enchanted day. And while the sun, accomplice of our magical moments, gently dips behind the mountains, our hearts are filled with the ephemeral grace of this enchanting parenthesis, in the secret hollow of Raiatea, in perfect harmony with nature and our dreams.

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