The Link Ceremony

RAIATEA island

The love bond

This ceremony is an opportunity for a couple to exchange their vows on the sacred site of TAINUU accompanied by our team. They are immersed in the sacredness of the place, its history and the meaning of each stage of the ceremony. The team is made up of ORERO artists, dancers and singers gathered that day to be the couple’s link with the land and the ancestors.

The team is made up of :

  • Timeri & Tehani, passionate dancers
  • Poureva ORERO & master of ceremony
  • Manava, singer and musician
  • Naiki, guide and ceremony godmother

Included in this experience :


At 1 p.m., the Polynesian world is bathed in light, and the guide, godmother of this afternoon, is there to pick you up from the accommodation.

This is the starting point for an exceptional experience specially designed for couples who want to celebrate their love in Raiatea.

At 2:30 p.m. at NIU SHACK, after a refreshing swim, an offering-making workshop begins which turns into a moment of cultural immersion. Moment of sharing about history, about the spiritual world, where the couple creates offerings full of affection. Each gesture becomes a silent declaration, a promise renewed to the rhythm of the heart.

At 4:30 p.m., intimacy begins during the dressing session, where each partner wears traditional outfits. The knowing glances exchanged at that moment are the prelude to a common experience.

Arrival at the Marae at 5 p.m. begins with the crowning of the dancers and the ceremony with the acclamation of an ORERO to the sounds of PAHU. Tiaré Tahiti crowns become delicate symbols, adorning the heads and hearts of lovers. Each petal is a poem, each flower a metaphor for a blossoming love.

The TAINUU Marae then becomes the sacred place where these modern love stories intertwine with the ancient. The ceremony becomes an oath, pronounced in the middle of vestiges which have seen so many romances blossom and flourish.

At the golden hour, the cocktail and the plate of fresh fruit are served by the sea. The rays of the sun fading into the horizon to the sounds of the ukulele and singing.

As they leave, the couple takes with them carefully chosen gifts, souvenirs that tell the story of their love in Ra’iatea, where every moment becomes an eternity.

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