“Matari’i i ni’a” Celebrate Nature Ritual & Abundance

This November 20, 2021 will take place MATARI’I I NIA. At dusk, we will be able to observe the rise of the Pleiades in the sky in the NORTH / EAST direction.  A sign that announces a new cycle of nature. The seasonal arrival of ABUNDANCE of the earth which will last until next MAY. In ancient times, our Polynesian ancestors celebrated this beneficial period of abundance of food through SACRED CEREMONIES & RITUALS.

In our modern times live in an age of constant flow of information. Our mind is always constantly active and drawn into a virtual universe, which cuts us off from our anchorage. In a time where our traditions are forgotten, our day to day lives distance us from the practices of our ancestors which uproots us. A void is created, an identity wound, a state of emotional imbalance.

Today, thanks to the initiatives of cultural associations, things that have once been forgotten are coming back to life. They show us the path, and recreate CEREMONIES as well as SACRED RITUALS based on oral traditions. These initiatives answer to our deep need to reconnect with old practices.

Creating CEREMONIES & RITUALS within our own home and indulging in moments where space and time is dedicated to the sacred brings us back to our source and essence. This allows gratitude and flourishment in oneself, the feeling of being part of being whole with nature. Reconnecting to it brings a deep well-being. It’s a way of connecting with this land to which we offered our matrix, so that in return nourishes us.

How can you simply create on your own and with your family members a CEREMONY RITUAL to celebrate the MATARII I NIA?


Prepare yourself and your loved ones for the importance of this event. Put a special intention in the way that you will be dressed that day. Adorn yourself with flowers and scents to enhance your natural beauty. You are the fruit of your lineage by doing this, it is to them too that you are paying homage.


At the end of the day and just before nightfall, find yourself by the sea, or in a place offering a clear view of the stars in order to observe and see the birth of the pleiades in the sky. This constellation reappears in the northeast of our sky and will remain visible until next May.


Stay together after dark, around a bonfire. An opportunity to come back to a simple moment of sharing. Teach the new generation. An opportunity to tell the stories of the elders and keep the connection with the past generations. Share our memories, sing to celebrate our gratitude to the earth. In memory of our ancestors, who in the past also looked in the same direction and for whom this moment was to be the most anticipated of the year.


Make an offering, just to give, out of gratitude. A bouquet of flowers, leaves, a wreath, the main thing is your intention that accompanies your offering. That evening, turn your gaze and your hopes towards the stars announcing renewal.