Dare to Receive LOVE & SHARE

In Polynesia, the value of sharing is still very present and it isn’t uncommon in the islands to witness this custom to give and share amongst the polynesian people.

When the harvest of fruit and fish is abundant, a bountiful attention to visit the market is a must, as well as hearing “Haere mai tama’a” “come and eat” when you pass a house.

Values ​​of sharing are fundamental to the generosity of our society, habits that will continue to be passed down from generation to generation.

Through a gift or attentive listening or even a smile, there will always be a deep desire to love. –

To give is to love.  To gift material things isn’t the only way to love, because yes, investing and sharing your time, listening, complimenting – is an intention to love, a language of love that is expressed through actions and words.

We all give and love differenly, and we expect to receive and to be loved in a certain way.

Different people in our lives give their all, sometimes we don’t realize it because their way of loving  is different to our expectations. Some love through actions, some throughs words and some even show love through physical touch.

Often, it is easier to give than to receive. We sometimes tend to say to ourselves that we don’t need it or feel like we owe something or don’t feel like we’re deserving enough. And yet we all deserve to be loved and to receive it- If on our life journey we have not learnt how to do so, maybe it is time to dare!

How can you dare to receive and begin to feed your soul with unconditional love ? Why to receive is also to give?

Invite mindfulness

We sometimes have this limiting belief that things are to be deserved, and that everything is to either give or take. While one is absolutely not indebted to love, it isn’t a transaction, there is nothing to be deserved. Sometimes, when we receive a compliment or a gift we tend to pass the buck: “you too” or to minimize: “we shouldn’t”. But that prevents us from really appreciating the gesture. Start by being mindful of the moment and receive without having to tell yourself that you have to give back.

Let yourself be touched

To accept to receive by simply showing a feeling of gratitude is to give your love back. It is the greatest gift you can give out of gratitude. Open your heart and receive. Dare to be vulnerably touched. Show your vulnerability, remove your shell, and stay authentic.

Love is everywhere, realize that it comes to you in different forms and in different ways. Receive it, fill your heart. So that love is able to fill you, to nourish you to the depths of your being. Free yourself, don’t be afraid to increase your sensitivity and vulnerability. By doing so, you are giving a wonderful gift of being yourself.

A Le Taha’a Relais Chateaux / Photos credit Peter Rongomate